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Classic Homes by

Er. K.T Mathew

26 Years

Classic Homes is a brand built and promoted by Er. K.T Mathew, which has left an everlasting influence on the construction sector. Today, he stands tall as the driving force behind the brand's success, which has grown to be the front runner in the property arena, authoring its success narrative with unflinching commitment. Through ethical business techniques, he has developed a rock-solid empire here.He is now the driving force behind the brand's success, a fore runner in the real estate industry, scripting the success story with unflinching commitment.K.T Mathew has always stood at the forefront for sustainable building solutions and constructions as per prevailing green building norms.He is the champion in promoting renewable energy sources like solar power.As someone who advocates for reducing carbon footprint in all possible ways, he helps to preserve mother nature by integrating ecologically sensitive landscapes in all his projects. Socially responsible constructions including housing for the needy are the main areas of focus.

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He also assures that when a person's lifetime earnings are invested, the utmost care is taken to ensure that all dealings are transparent and works are completed well on time.So personally monitoring all works while encouraging the team of best builders in Kochi to exceed customer expectations his ability to rewrite industry standards by setting new examples are quite mentionable.K.T Mathew sees huge potential in the housing business and plans to develop and explore new areas strategically as he continues to focus on goals that improve quality by assuring optimum client happiness.

It is without a doubt his tenacity and talent that has propelled Classic Homes to its current heights. Over the past years, he has completed a number of high-profile works in Kochi's most successful and promising regions.Gaining inspiration from industry experts all over the world, K.T Mathew has shown us a one-man marvel in scripting Classic's rise. Meeting all requirements of essential amenities built on the roots of determination and hard work so that no one will ever have to think twice before choosing Classic.

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