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February 6, 2020

10 places that makes Kochi feel like home

Kochi is not a city they say! Anyone who has lived in Kochi can attest to the fact that Kochi is more than a city and is almost a feeling, it has an emotional connection to its resident that keeps them coming back to it from the farthest corners of the world. Kochi is a city where feeling lost is just not possible. No matter which road you choose, you will mysteriously end up finding someplace that is amazing and makes you quickly feel at home.

On one hand you have the hustle-bustle of a growing city to contend with and on the other, you have idyllic beaches and areas that seem to belong to an era bygone. The city welcomes people of all walks of life with open arms. Celebrities call this city their home, as do the IT professionals and the fishermen who fish in the backwaters. Kochi successfully combines the feeling of a budding city with the nostalgia of the old world charm.

If you are thinking of calling Kochi your home, do not fret. Visit Kochi and you will see that it already feels like home. Not convinced? Here are 10 places that are sure to make Kochi feel like home.

Marine drive

Marine drive is a tiled scenic pathway that lines Vembanad Lake. The walkway is also home to two beautiful bridges- the Chinese fishing net bridge and the rainbow bridge. People come here to relax and get rid of the stress they have accumulated during the day’s course. The warm breeze from the lake and the scenic beauty of the area will surely make you want to put down your roots in Kochi.

Fort Kochi

Away from the rush of the city, fort Kochi exists to be a delight to both tourists and the localities alike. The Chinese fishing nets that skirt the beaches are a joy to watch in action. The old and classical buildings that give you a glimpse of the European architectural style makes the small town a special part of Kochi.

Jew town

Jew town is a world that is unique and different from the mainland of Kochi. Located in the old Mattanchery Town, the Jew town is home to one of the oldest, currently active Jewish Synagogue. The Synagogue was built way back in 1568 and is a sight to behold.

Cherai beach

Kerala doesn’t have any dearth of beaches and its coastline is dotted with numerous beautiful beaches. One of these is the Cherai Beach which is located in Vypin Island. If beaches hold a special place in your heart, Cherai is sure to become a favorite spot.

Backwaters of Kochi

Kochi is blessed by the Mother Nature and the backwaters are a proof of this. You can spend quite some hours languishing in a boat as it drifts past the coconut trees that skirts the placid waters. The peace and the silence is all prevailing except for the calls of fishermen or the sound of their nets crashing into the water. You can enjoy the backwaters by hiring cruise boats, house boats or even transport boats that ferry people all over Kochi.

Chottanikkara temple

If you love visiting temples, Chottanikkara temple is the place to go. Chottanikkara temple and the resident Goddesses are known for curing their devotees of maladies, mental illness and other woes. The temple is also significant religiously, mythological and historically. Chottanikkara temple gifts its visitors tons of positive vibrations and good vibes.

Isn’t being close to such an important temple a good reason to call Kochi home?


If churches are what holds your love, then Kochi has many famous churches that you would enjoy visiting. One of the prominent churches in Kochi is the Malayatoor church or St. Thomas Syro-Malabar Catholic Church. The word Malayatoor means a place where river, mountains and land meets. True to its name, you can see that a river, land and mountains live in harmony here and create marvelous scenery that you can always cherish. It is internationally famous and millions of people visit Malayatoor every year.

Lulu Mall

Can there be mention of Kochi without the mention of the iconic Lulu Mall? Lulu hold the title of being the largest mall of the country. It is the place where Kochi goes not just to shop but also to hangout and rewind. The air-conditioned mall also provides a place of solace to people who have been beat down by the equatorial sun.


Infopark is the hub for most of the IT professionals in the city. This is the part of the city that a large number of IT people call their home. Big names in the IT sector have put down their roots in Infopark and the numbers is set only to grow in the future.


How can we not talk about Wonderla Amusement Park when Kochi is the topic? Tourists and localities alike love visiting Wonderla with their young ones. The well-maintained, clean and hygienic park has many land based and water based rides both for children and adults. One can never have enough time to spend at Wonderla.