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June 12, 2019


Good day friends!

“Attitude determines Altitude”

Kerala faced one of the most devastating floods in it’s  history and many are still fighting to survive the after effects.Ordinary people did extraordinary acts to save the lives of thousands and many organizations and kind hearted fellow beings contributed to help Kerala face the multiple challenges and need of the hour.  Saluting all the brave fishermen, Indian Air Force and Navy officers, doctors, the government and all Malayalees young and old who lend a helping hand during this catastrophe. It is truly appreciable how quick and spontaneous help came from our neighbouring states to which we are always obliged. 6 months gone by after this nightmare but even today there are families without a shelter of their own. We can be a light of hope to someone in need.  Be The Inspiration….Being a member of The Rotary Club and a builder helped us built new homes for some severely flood affected victims.