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July 1, 2019

How to build an environmentally sustainable home?

One of the biggest challenges we are facing in this modern world is regarding energy. There is every chance we end up using more energy than needed. This results in somebody’s scarcity. Our choice of energy is vital now. Your home should save you money in the future as well as preserve the environment for the future. 

Sustainable is synonymous to a green home. It’s not about the choice of words that matter, it’s about the choice of materials. Sustainable materials are you-know things like reusable, renewable and non-toxic materials which are ideally locally sourced.

Synthetic materials tend to last long, indeed, much longer than they are supposed to, causing more damage to the environment than any good! The only challenge with sustainable materials is that they are scarce to get!

Energy-packed Beginning

Of all green materials, the easiest to access are energy-efficient materials that help us save the environment and our pockets. The best and trending measure to ensure efficient and sustainable energy usage is using a solar power unit. It uses the sun’s rays to generate power. Every day, the sun sends out an enormous amount of energy, a good percentage of which is wasted! You might need a bit of that to run your home. 

Homes in Kerala are growingly investing in solar power. Residential and commercial spaces in the commercial capital, Kochi are keener on this. Classic Gardens, a premium project from Classic homes, is the first fully solar powered villa project in Kerala all set to move with green homes in Kochi.

Ideally, your home’s facade should face the sun. It facilitates gathering rays as well as the ideal air-light passage through your home. Some other measures to save power is, using smart ways by setting your electric home appliances on a timer and use only when needed. Nowadays you don’t need to be at home to run home! 

Increasing your windows’ insulating effect by using blinds, turning off all lights when not in use, reducing water temperature on your water heater than usual, washing clothes in cold water and line-dry it, are some simple and effective ways to save energy. Ensuring water efficiency is also the need of the hour.

Benefits of Solar Power

Going solar will reduce your electricity bill which is apparently one of the most expensive bills you pay every month! With solar power, you’ll generate free power for your entire life. You get ample return on your investment. Investing in a solar project isn’t at all any expense. It is more of a protection against rising energy costs.

Last few years have seen residential and commercial electricity prices going up to a rate where an ordinary businessman or a homeowner with fluctuating cash flow have been struggling to pay for it. Investing in solar homes especially villas can benefit you hugely. Having a solar power system can increase your property value.

Installing a solar energy system also demonstrates your commitment to sustainable living. These green initiatives get value for effort and money in the future. It sets a new culture. ‘Classic Homes’ is towards that. Our “green” credentials make us a competitive bidder in this class. We imbibe the social and economic benefits of green projects for our clients and our city. 

Classic Gardens comprises of 20 premium 3 and 4 BHK fully solar-powered villas in 1.5 acres, the first of its kind in Kerala, located opposite to Infopark gateway near Seaport-Airport road at Kakkanad. At Gardens, your villa is powered by the sun. The unused energy is channelized back to the grid. This ensures that you not only save on electricity bills but also benefit from free power over time.