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November 4, 2019

How to know which builder to trust

Choosing the right builder is the most important decision you will make on the journey for your dream home. It might be a holiday home, your lifetime investment or for trade but you don’t want to compromise for less. To find the best homes complying with modern demands and trends can be a challenge. People have to cross-examine a lot of things before they decide on a home/builder. Here are some major aspects to keep in mind about the builder before you invest with them:

  • Track record: Make sure the builder has a very promising track record by finding out how long they have been handling projects and an account of the number of projects they have completed. Credibility, to a builder, is like cement to concrete.
  • Reputation: Search on customer forums, blogs, news reports, property sites, etc. for information on builders. Local brokers and people who have bought units from these builders are all valid sources. The reputation built on various platforms will certainly give away particulars to trust these builders. Good communication is the solution.
  • Communication: The time has come where new home buyers want to experience building their new home. They don’t trust builders like before. But there are builders who have maintained their reputation of being their trusted builder for years. Homebuyers are increasingly expecting better relationships with their builders. The content and information passed to the buyers have to excite them. Lack of transparency and understanding from the part of salespersons and construction managers has been the real issue.
  • References: If you can get a referral from any of your friends or family members, add that to scoring. In the search for a good builder, you get to know at least some of their credentials right. Get as much as direct information from sources you can trust. ‘Ground reality’ can be different from what they advertise.
  • Transparency: Consider only those builders who maintain high-level transparency. Good builders will provide you comprehensive estimates and an exact timeline. Transparency enhances trust. Lack of transparency on prices, charges, work progress, etc. can be a good enough reason not to buy.
  • Quality: It’s the promise of building it perfect that finally confronts the finished home. Most builders tend to falter on their cause and compromise on the work. A good builder delivers the promise. Quality of construction and service matters much to the pain bearer, the buyer. No process is going to be smooth the entire way. But if you have to trust and you know the builder, mostly it is a smooth run.
  • Start research: Start your apartment hunting well in advance, at least three months before you want to move out. To search for the ideal home/apartment that fits your lifestyle there are several basic and common things you need to look for, like price, transportation, safety, and convenience. From initial research to the final walk-through, you have a whole lot of matters to understand, assess and confront. Don’t buy the apartment just yet. Clear the clutter off and give no room for afterthoughts.

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