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September 19, 2019

Living in Kochi: Things you need to know

Kochi has become the best option for residential projects like flats and apartments, thanks to the growth of the industrial sector. There are several ready to occupy apartments, flats and villas in Kochi. Fresh apartment units in Kochi are estimated to reach whopping numbers in the coming few years. In recent years, we have made a tremendous jump in urbanization – from a little more than 10 per cent of the total populace living in the urban communities in 1900 to more than 50 per cent today. For the majority of us, urban areas are places where we go to search for fortunes like education, career, and personal development. We love to have some Irish espresso at our favourite bistro on a Sunday evening or being inundated into the vortex of business undertakings during the week.   We can’t survive without meet-ups of our nearby club or by missing the marvellous gathering one of our companions is tossing.  Urban areas are not well known for being amicable with nature and for a great many people, the words “city” and “nature” are antonyms. In our psyches, they are like two distinct substances which resemble parallel lines that can never meet. Or on the other hand can they?

1. Some builders have the solution at hand.

Kochi is a promising city for real estate investments. Major projects like Smart City and Info Park in Kakkanad is expected to be the employment solution for Kochi in the coming future. We are expected to see more coming into the city. And this leads to demand for more and more flats and apartment every day. Builders in Kochi are mindful of the fact that demand is rising and at the same time land is less. Builders are also aware of their responsibilities for sustaining the city as it is. New projects are keen to reflect the essence of our environment which is a positive gesture towards the future.  

2. Budget homes in prime locations

A budget home in prime locations where the general realty prices are so high is a dream. The comfort provided by ready to occupy flats and villas in Kochi makes people opt these. Besides, apartments always provide an option for renting and earn a handy revenue.

Demand is high for those apartments closer to amenities like schools and industries. Schools, shopping centres, hospitals, parks a cluster create prime locations. Recent developments of transportation like new roads and Kochi Metro above all makes Kochi an easy to connect location and a favourable place for living.

Classic Homes, a builder with passion and dedication, offers flats, apartments and villas in prime locations in Kochi, carrying the essence of the city and with a commitment to sustainable living. Classic homes’ Gardens is the only villa project in Kerala running completely on solar power. Kochi is looking to the future. More Residential projects are being prepared for the future. 

3. How about we investigate us, as city tenants, can live in harmony and agreement with nature.

Have you at any point thought about how you can keep up your present way of life, without debilitating our planet’s assets? In the current situation, a significant number of us have ecological learning yet we come up short on comprehension of how to apply that information to our regular day to day chores. A cool method to get a good deal on your drive and reduce the negative effect on the earth is ride-sharing (otherwise called carpooling). You can give rides to your neighbours, companions, or even outsiders.

4. Join the Green living group

City life is synonymous with apartment living. It’s less expensive and progressively enjoyable to go to places with a company, all things considered. You need to be part of a good community with proximity to your desired amenities. Harmony, today is about co-living with benefits, with speed/time.

Time and distance matters and these can readily reduce the impact on nature while considering traffic. Lesser the distance, lesser the impact on nature.

The environment you surround yourself with plays a huge role in directing your personal growth. So why not join a green living group in your city. Why not join a club of futuristic people.