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Avoid damage of walls from dampness

Dampness can be a serious problem in any home and often indicates structural or waterproofing issues. It makes a room feel cold and unwelcoming and can be unhealthy for the users.Dampness is the[...]

Climate change and your home

Climate change is not just a possibility or a phenomenon that may occur in the distant future. It is very real and something that humans are experiencing throughout the world by people of every sect [...]

10 places that makes Kochi feel like home

Kochi is not a city they say! Anyone who has lived in Kochi can attest to the fact that Kochi is more than a city and is almost a feeling, it has an emotional connection to its resident that keeps th[...]

Choose the best floor plan for your family

The floor plan or the layout of the house you choose is one of the most important decisions you will make when it comes to building your home. What you call home may be an apartment, a house or a con[...]