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July 15, 2019

The Ultimate Apartment Checklist

Things you might want to consider while hunting for apartments

Finding it hard to choose an apartment? That’s no surprise!

With the ever-increasing number of skyscrapers springing up across the city, it becomes even more difficult a task to choose the right apartment considering the diverse features each has to offer. There are some key points to focus on while considering an apartment. Of course, we have an inclination towards brand new apartments in Kochi with ultramodern facilities, but here are a few noteworthy factors to be kept in mind while choosing an apartment:


The choice of location is a very important factor. Kerala being a diverse state, has a rich landscape and a variety of geographically specific locations that cater to the ‘perfect living’ space, be it at the heart of the city, beside the backwaters, or someplace serene, away from the city’s chaos. Apartments, especially in urbane locales, offer an added advantage in terms of reachability and accessibility with the dynamics of the city.

Choose from a reputed builder

There are numerous apartments and builders on the rise. With the growing number of apartments, it becomes even more difficult to select one. To narrow things down, choose apartments from reputed builders. This gives the buyer an assurance of quality, considering the success of the builder and their previous projects.

Check for the builder’s previous projects

Now that you have considered a builder or have specific builders in mind, the next step is to do some research regarding their previous projects. This will give an insight into what you could be expecting from them in a more general aspect. Yes, each project will be different from the other, but it would give you an outline of their work quality, customer satisfaction, and overall performance compared to counter competitors. Make sure to visit some sites for a clearer picture.

Market value

Keep in the mind the price range you can afford while buying an apartment. Compare it with other fellow competitors and analyze what makes each different from the other in terms of quality, space, facilities, maintenance, etc. What one apartment may offer at the same price range may not be offered by the other. Anyhow, it is best recommended to select builders that have a trusted reputation over the years and have accreditations for their projects.

Resale value

Every apartment will have a resale value which is mostly determined after many years of experience and popularity. This concludes that once you buy and plan to sell or rent out an apartment it should still be up for grabs, in the sense that the demand for the apartment hasn’t gone down drastically over the years owing to the fact that new apartments are emerging constantly. Apartments in Kerala would have a higher resale value considering the boost in job opportunities as well as NRI returns. For satisfying resale value, the apartment should provide the promised features as expected from the builder at a reasonable rate. Proper maintenance and upkeep of the property along with maintaining a good neighborhood will add more value.

Maintenance cost

The primary points which one would be looking forward when buying an apartment beside the builder, construction, and interiors would be the amenities the apartment provides. With increased facilities comes a higher maintenance cost. There should be a manageable line between the features availed and the cost that one pays for it. Check for the maintenance costs and the corresponding services provided for the same.

Return On Investment

Of course, this is the most important aspect of any investment. It gives a measure of an investment’s profitability. A higher ROI means more profit from the investment. This helps the buyer in choosing apartments that would be an asset.

In conclusion, keep in mind the above points while on the lookout for buying an apartment. Reach out for apartments that will satisfy all the requirements and cater to your needs. At Classic Homes, we give you all the features that one would be looking for in an apartment while also taking care of the environment without compromising on the aesthetics and quality.