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May 24, 2021

Tips and tricks to make relocation easier

Relocation can be extremely stressful, as leaving your comfort zones and adapting to new surroundings aren’t that easy for many. The most stressful part of shifting is always the packing stage.

So the best advice is to remain organised during the process and prepare ahead of time so that you have enough time to ensure that everything is packed.

Here are a few steps that might help you have a fantastic relocation experience.

1. Preparation

 Begin at least a month before moving so that you have enough time to complete all the tasks and could remain stress-free.

2. Checklist is a must

There’ll be hundreds of tasks to remember while shifting, A checklist always makes it a step easier for you to keep things on track.

3. ‘Movers & Packers’ The Saviours

Finding professionals who can pack and transport the whole household is one of the best tips that we could offer. From a plethora of options around selecting the best isn’t as simple as it might seem, hiring the wrong team could also ruin the whole thing. So devoting a good amount of time and conducting detailed research on the same, and finally selecting the best could turn out to be very helpful to you.

4. De-cluttering

Your moving costs will largely be determined by the quantity and amount of your belongings. One of the simplest ways to make moving easier and save money is to declutter unwanted objects, yes getting rid of your things aren’t easy but you could either gift them to family/friends or even make a donation if it’s in good shape.

Alternatively, you can sell them on Quikr or OLX to make some extra cash as well.

5. Update address

Most people tend to forget this step. As you get busy packing and moving many forgot that how important it is to change/update your address. So the list should highlight this point to make sure that no one skips this and ends in trouble.

6. Survival Kit

Since a first day in the new house is always tiring, the next item on your list should be a survival kit with all of your necessities. Additional pairs of clothing, a laptop, prescriptions/medicines, cosmetics, toiletries, and other things you’ll need right away are to be included in this.

7. Organizing documents is the most important part

Sorting through papers and documents, disposing of the unwanted papers, and organizing all your important documents into files and folders is a very important task. Arrange them and always remember to keep them safe with you, also make sure that these files aren’t sent with the movers to avoid the risk of losing them.

8. Manage utility services

Disconnect / re-connecting your utility services could be an easy task but it’s also the most forgotten one.

9. Cleaning kit

Packing a cleaning kit containing all the necessary things such as a broom, mop, paper towels, old rags, and other things and a toolbox with the essential tools required for a quick-fix at the new place. Should be the last thing on the checklist.

As you’ve ticked off everything on the list,

Now you are ready to move.

Happy shifting people, Hope this helps.