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January 31, 2022

Tips to Cool down you Apartment at Summer

Summer is almost approaching, and with it will come high temperatures that may make you feel uncomfortable in your apartment. You can’t change the weather, but you can prepare your house ahead of time so that those hot days don’t annoy you as much.

Have your air conditioner checked out 

You don’t want to discover that your air conditioner is broken when you really need it. Put your air conditioner to the test. Does it not produce cool air? Is it making strange noises or working too hard? If there is a problem, contact your apartment’s maintenance team to get it fixed. The best builders in Kochi always provides a maintenance team for such repairs in your apartment.

Block unwanted heat through windows 

During the summer, a lot of unwanted heat enters your home through your windows and raises the temperature of your room. These waves are readily blocked by your blinds, shades, and drapes. According to studies, shutting your blinds may readily reduce interior temperatures by up to 20 degrees. Apartments for sale in Kakkanad has certain ventilation and protective methods exclusively for summer season.

CFCs to reduce your internal temperature 

If you want to transition from incandescent to compact fluorescent lights (CFCs), now is the time. Because incandescent and halogen lamps not only increase your power costs, but they also generate a lot of heat. To be cool and happy for summer, replace all incandescent lamps with CFCs. This will reduce your internal temperature and help you feel more at ease.

Make a sensible cooking plan 

If you want to maintain your room temperature as low as possible in the summer, you should use a sensible cooking plan. Cooking in the oven throughout the day is not recommended since it generates a lot of heat. You should attempt to cook either in the morning or in the evening because the outdoor temperature is not particularly high during these times.

Utilize Exhaust Fans 

Nowadays, most apartments for sale in Kochi and other towns have exhaust fans in both the bathrooms and kitchens. If your apartment has exhaust fans in these two locations, utilise them instead of investing in an air conditioner. Exhaust fans not only remove excess steam from your kitchen, but they also suck heat waves from your flat. As a result, you may cool down your flat by employing exhaust fans intelligently.