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June 29, 2021

Why 2021 is the right time to invest in property?

Though 2020 has been an unusual year for all of us, things are expected to return to normal in the coming days.

Covid-19 has brought in a huge change in the real estate sector. Prior to the epidemic people opted to stay in rental properties and now interestingly they appear to be more interested in having a home of their own. The reason is simple, the epidemic resulted in widespread financial hardship, with many individuals losing their jobs, incomes being slashed, and raises being delayed. As a result of all of this, rentals have become unaffordable for many and most of them had to return to their parental homes.

Many companies are intending to adopt a “work from home” culture at least for the next few years, so staying close to the office is no longer necessary. People can now search for low-cost housing options that meet their needs. This point explains the whole concept best. So, now tell us, is there a better time to invest in real estate than now?
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The RBI is making it simple for homeowners

The Reserve Bank of India’s housing-related policies were a boon to homeowners. The homeowners were able to manage their EMIs because of low interest rates, reduced registration and stamp duty payments. The RBI’s new tax reduction initiatives for first- and second-time house buyers are yet another reason why now is the best time to invest in real estate.

In the long run, real estate has the potential to produce larger returns than both equity and gold, That again adds to the strength of the statement.

Plans of the Central Government
The Central Government intends to construct a large number of residences in the next years. It intends to construct smart cities as part of the Smart City Project to strengthen the economy. Prices will almost certainly climb in the future, meaning that there is no better time to invest in real estate than now.

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The real estate industry has seen a lot of innovation in recent years. When it comes to imparting creativity, Classic Homes aren’t far behind.
Clubhouses, solar power, swimming pools, gyms, children’s play area, and power back-up are just some of the amenities available.

Still confused? Is this The Ideal time?
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